Although Irayos Lifestyle Retreat is spread across 10 verdant acres, we have built only 22 cottages. A perfect fusion of authentic design and local materials, each cottage is built to blend in with Mother Nature rather than impose on her.

While all our cottages are enveloped by gardens, this particular one goes one step further. It brings the garden in. Our cottages extend into the green surrounds; the perfect perch to shut your eyes, listen to birdsong and enjoy a cup of tea.

Thoughtfully planned, warm color palettes combined with textured wall interiors and recessed lighting these twin double bed sized cottage style accommodation make family stays comfortable. Overlooking lawns.

About your stay at Irayos

Irayos – Earth and Happiness. The term ‘Irayos’ comes from two Sanskrit words, ‘Ira’ meaning ‘Earth’ and ‘Yos’ meaning ‘Happiness’. Research shows that being in nature positively impacts the human brain, body and feelings. It seems to be inherently rewarding, producing a cascade of positive emotions and calming our nervous systems. This on the other hand helps us in cultivating greater openness, creativity, connection, generosity, and resilience. Therefore being close to nature is always good for our personal and social well-being. At Irayos, we bring you closer to Earth. The architecture in the retreat and the open green spaces are all designed in a way to adapt to nature instead of harming it to build new structures. When you check into Irayos, you check into nature!

Cottage Amenities & Service

Air Conditioner
Widescreen TV
Hot Water Kettle
All meals included
Sightseeing Tour
Signature Thai Candlier Therapy
Traditional Thai Massage – 60 mins
Traditional Thai Massage – 90 mins
Swedish Massage – 60 mins
Aromatherapy – 60 mins
Ballinese – 60 mins