Food makes the world go round. It nourishes, it satisfies, it inspires. Our Veg-first approach is born of the fact that our gardens grow some of the freshest vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices in the region.

The term ‘Terra Madre’ comes from two Italian words, Terra meaning Earth and Madre meaning Mother. We at Irayos value nature a lot. We have farms where we grow various vegetables, fruits and spices organically which then are cooked and served at our restaurant.

We also have an Igloo-shaped clay oven that provides equal amounts of heat from all directions, better than a regular cubical clay oven. Here, you will get the food that’s designed to taste better! The fresh vegetables from our organic farms make for a delicious Farm-to-Plate experience.


Food from around the world may have its diehard fans but for us it is Indian cuisine that truly hits the spot. There’s something incredibly satisfying about it. We are sure even a certain Mr Jagger would have found satisfaction in a plate of hot Idli Sambhar or authentic biryani or fresh-off-the-griddle bhakris and farm fresh veggies. And that’s exactly what we serve up at our earthy village-style bistro. Come, enjoy hearty Indian fare including popular classics and authentic dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.