Understanding Resort Dress Codes

Understanding Resort Dress Codes

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We all know that feeling. You’re packing for your vacation and you flip through the resort’s website to see what the dress code is. You’re not sure if you should bring that fancy cocktail dress or just stick with some shorts and a t-shirt.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about resort dress codes so you can pack accordingly. Plus, we’ll give you a few tips on dressing for specific types of resorts. 

What is Resort Wear?

Resort wear, also known as vacation or beachwear, is clothing that is typically worn on holidays or during warm weather.

This type of attire often includes light and airy fabrics such as linen or cotton, as well as bright colors and floral prints.

Some resorts may have specific clothes codes for certain activities, such as a more formal dress code for dinner at the restaurant.

However, in general, resort wear can range from flowy maxi dresses to swimsuit coverups to shorts and sandals.

It’s important to note that while some resorts may have casual clothes, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and avoid overly revealing or inappropriate clothing.

In addition, certain religious or cultural sites may have their own dress, so it’s important to research and respect those guidelines when visiting.

Casual dress

Casual dress typically include tailored shorts or capris, sundresses, and collared shirts for women, and casual button-down shirts, khakis, and clothes shorts for men.

It is important to avoid anything too revealing or sloppy in appearance.

Flip flops and athletic wear should also be avoided.

Casual attire is appropriate for most activities during a resort vacation, such as dining at restaurants or lounging by the pool.

However, some may have stricter clothes codes for certain areas or events, such as requiring more formal attire for fine dining experiences or special events.

It is always best to check with the resort before packing your wardrobe.

Evening Wear

Evening Wear clothes typically call for more formal attire such as cocktail dresses or gowns for women, and suits or sport coats for men.

Daytime wear is usually less formal and may include items such as sundresses, khakis, and collared shirts.

It is important to respect the dress code guidelines at resorts as they are put in place to ensure a certain level of elegance and sophistication for all guests.

Failure to adhere to the clothes may result in denial of entry to certain areas or events.

It is always best to err on the side of caution and clothes appropriately for the designated clothes.

Remember that you are representing not only yourself but also your resort and destination while vacationing.

Elegant Casual

Elegant Casual is a dress code often seen at destinations or upscale events.

It suggests that attendees should look put-together and polished, but comfortable.

Think sundresses or linen pants paired with blouses or polo shirts.

Avoid anything too casual, like t-shirts and gym attire, or too formal, like cocktail clothes or suits.

Adding statement accessories such as a bold necklace or patterned scarf can elevate your look.

Keep in mind that, depending on the location and event, more specific clothes guidelines may apply (i.e., no flip flops at an elegant outdoor wedding).

As always, err on the side of dressing slightly more formally rather than less.

At the end of the day, elegant casual attire is all about looking chic and effortless.

Formal Resort Attire

Formal Attire typically includes cocktail or evening clothes for women and suits or dress shirts and pants for men.

This clothes is often seen at upscale resorts, black tie events, or special occasions.

It’s important to check with the resort beforehand about their specific dress code guidelines to ensure proper attire.

Additionally, some may have themed nights that may require more creative outfits.

Pre plan your outfits 

Pre plan your outfits by checking the resort’s clothes policies.

Clothes vary and can range from casual to formal attire.

For example, some may require men to wear collared shirts or prohibit flip flops in certain areas.

By knowing the clothes ahead of time, you can pack accordingly and feel confident in your outfit choices during your vacation.

Additionally, adhering to the resort’s dress code shows respect for their policies and culture.

Beach cover-ups

Beach cover-ups are a must for many clothes, so it’s important to have options in your vacation wardrobe.

From kaftans and sarongs to playful rompers and chic maxi dresses, there are so many stylish choices for covering up at the beach or poolside.

And don’t forget the versatility of a great pareo – it can be worn as a wrap skirt or even a halter top.

No matter what your personal style is, there’s a beach cover-up that will fit right in with your vacation looks.

So pack wisely and be prepared to adhere to any dress while still looking effortlessly chic.

Choose comfort over appearance

Choose comfort over appearance, especially at destinations where clothes are often more relaxed.

Opt for clothing that allows you to move freely and enjoy the amenities, rather than constricting outfits that prioritize style over function.

Embrace the laid-back atmosphere of a vacation spot and embrace comfortable fashion choices.

Remember, it’s all about enjoying your time at the resort and making memories – not impressing others with your outfit.

Plus, who wants to spend their vacation adjusting uncomfortable clothing or feeling self-conscious about their appearance?

Choose comfort over appearance and truly relax during your well-deserved break.

How to pack strategically for a vacation

How to pack strategically for a vacation can often be a daunting task, especially if you’re unsure of dress.

Do your research ahead of time and make sure to pack accordingly.

For example, if the resort has a more formal clothes for dinner, make sure to bring elegant outfits or even rent them from the resort’s clothing boutique.

On the other hand, if the clothes code is more relaxed, pack comfortable clothing that still fits within the guidelines.

Additionally, packing versatile clothing items that can be dressed up or down will help save space in your suitcase.

By being prepared and planning ahead, you can ensure that you have everything you need for a successful vacation at your chosen Resort.

What Not To Wear?

When heading to a resort, it can be tempting to pack your most revealing swimsuits and skimpy outfits.

However, many have clothes codes in place for both their restaurants and pool areas.

It’s important to research the dress before packing, as showing up improperly dressed can lead to denied entry or embarrassment.

For dining, men may be required to wear collared shirts and closed-toe shoes, while women may need to have clothes or tops with sleeves.

In pool areas, clothing that exposes too much skin (such as thong bikinis or see-through cover ups) may not be allowed.

Opt for more conservative options such as one piece bathing suits or rash guards.


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